Thursday, June 25, 2009



This is the title of the presentation I gave at Babcock University (one of the private Universities in Nigeria) on the 22nd of February 2009. I addressed a lecture theatre with a little over 50 students and they listened ( I say this because it is usually quite difficult to address university students, on a Sunday evening, who would much rather be hanging out with their pals or just generally chilling in their rooms, preparing for the week)..

I was privileged to have had the opportunity to address them and it was quite a timely topic, since they were meant to start exams in another week, ( some of them the next day, which they only just discovered today, and I bet you patience would have been the furthest thing on their minds) and we know how impatient some students are, about reading, they would much rather, put together cheat notes and smuggle them into exam halls, or worse still , us their bodies as new writing material, just so they can pass exams...(they usually think this is the best options) but short-cuts never helped anyone in any area of life, either during exams, getting a job, or evening being elected into public office.

Some of the lectures and officials of the school were also in attendance. Apart from my speech, another highlight of the day, was the performance given by Cobhams (one of the best producers and composers in the country, who by the way is blind) , he played the piano and sang as well and got the whole crowd on their feet at the end of his performance, he is one individual who I admire, and who made me believe that nothing is unachievable or is beyond your reach as long as you can dream it, work towards it, preserve, plan for it , be ready to perspire for it , be patient enough to get it and armed with God (or whatever spiritual being you believe in), you will BE GREAT and SUCCEED . He is an inspiration for me and many young Nigerians, this I told him when I had a chat with him.

There were other great performances by the students of the school and I was amazed at the amount of talent we have in this country, but which is wasting away because we are losing focus on what matters, which is building talent of these young ones, and rather focusing on how to make quick bucks, in the shrewdest of ways…

Youth Development Zone was organized by an NGO called Heritage Alliance in collaboration with the Cross River State Government, with YES Country Network Nigeria, YOUTHCARE and KIND as co-collaborators. It was a youth forum put together during the annual Calabar carnival to avail the youth the opportunity to interact with experts in different fields (such as entertainment, entrepreneurs, social workers), thereby helping build their confidence..

I was privileged to speak during one of the sessions which highlighted making ones’ dreams come true. I had to talk about my journey so far, discuss issues bordering on parental influences and how to get their consent, taking charge of your life as a young dreamer, building your self esteem, in a nutshell, how to journey along the right path in our bid to achieving our dreams. It was a very interactive session and I got to listen to some difficulties some of the young ones face and helped in my little way in advising them on ways to overcome these problems.

We also had a question and answer session, which went on for a while, before the group was dismissed and we had fun photo sessions (please see pictures on…..). There were over 50 youth present, of both genders and I have kept in touch with a few..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh my Lord....I just want to SCREAMMMMMMMM

It has been hectic to say the least. I am just about losing my mind. Work, work , work...... will it ever stop...Ok I'm calming down now. I won't totally lose my head or else!?!

Had a late nite meeting yesterday and although it was quite interesting and time well spent, it just showed me how much work I still have to do within a very short period of time. Putting together a youth centre requires a lot of work and I sure can use all the help I can get,thankfully I have a few peps who are happy to work for very little for now,phew!!!!! IMAGINE IF I HAD TO PAY SO MUCH, I'd probably be doing all the work myself, which would have been SUICIDE!!!!!

Been online all day,trying to get my proposal...HOLD my two phones ringing.

Be right back...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lagos na wa oh- A day in the life of a "celebrity"

Hi Everyone,
Woke up this morning, and I said to myself, na wa for this life oh. Having to wake up everyday of your life for the next 50 odd years (yeah I do intend to live till am 80- that's if the stress of Lagos doesnt kill me)....laughs!!!In order to make a living, celeb or no celeb....Okay moving on....

My dedicated cab driver (yes oh, cab driver, although uncoloured since am a "celebrity" and all and coupled with the fact that when I buy my dedicated ride, it has to be "tear rubber car now", isnt that what it is called, so for now the use of a cab would suffice ).. okay enough of the side gist, let me move on to the main story,hmm!!!!! where was I again, oh yeah, the cab driver (Jide) calls me up this morning and the conversation goes thus: "Aunty goodmorin oh, abeg , I no go fit come carry you this morin, as i get small problem for the haus, abeg no vexxy oh.....I say to him, it's okay I will call you in the evening..

He hangs up and for the next 5mins I am totally numb and confused...This call came in at 7.30am and my first appointment if for 9am in Ikoyi and I live at VGC, I say to myself, how the hell am I going to get to Ikoyi for my 9am appt.., Luckily for me, my old man hasnt left for work, so I hurriedly get ready, go up to him, give him my best smile and begin, "Daddy dearest, please I'd like to hitch a ride with you to work, my ride isnt available today... and he replies, "Of course dear", hmm!!! see I still have my charm...

And so the day continued, will give the rest of it later, cause right now am off for another meeting, which starts at 1.30pm, yikes!!!!!! am late....catch ya later.....