Thursday, June 25, 2009


Youth Development Zone was organized by an NGO called Heritage Alliance in collaboration with the Cross River State Government, with YES Country Network Nigeria, YOUTHCARE and KIND as co-collaborators. It was a youth forum put together during the annual Calabar carnival to avail the youth the opportunity to interact with experts in different fields (such as entertainment, entrepreneurs, social workers), thereby helping build their confidence..

I was privileged to speak during one of the sessions which highlighted making ones’ dreams come true. I had to talk about my journey so far, discuss issues bordering on parental influences and how to get their consent, taking charge of your life as a young dreamer, building your self esteem, in a nutshell, how to journey along the right path in our bid to achieving our dreams. It was a very interactive session and I got to listen to some difficulties some of the young ones face and helped in my little way in advising them on ways to overcome these problems.

We also had a question and answer session, which went on for a while, before the group was dismissed and we had fun photo sessions (please see pictures on…..). There were over 50 youth present, of both genders and I have kept in touch with a few..

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